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With Mobiroller mobile app resellers, You will be able to create as many apps as you want for Android and iOS platforms.

Make Whitelabel apps

Whitelabel mobile app reseller program

With Mobiroller mobile app resellers program, you can brand them as your own. No Mobiroller logo/branding at all.

​Excellent Customer Support: Enjoy the Great Customer Support that Mobiroller provides, you can connect via Skype and landline.

Free Publishing

mobile loyalty app reseller

Free Publishing of your iOS apps under your developer account.

Get excellent platform Training and tutorials.

Simple Control panel: Mobiroller has super Easy to use Control penal. You can always get help via Skype and  Support staff will show you how to use Mobiroller app maker!

Premium Template Set

App Reseller Program

Upon sign up you can get access to huge Premium template set. Mobiroller has a huge collection of Premium Templates and always adding new now and then.

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Mobile App Reseller Business


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​How do I get help when I become a Reseller?

​We have a dedicated landline always open during office hours. Also, you can keep in touch with your account manager via Skype.

How does the app publishing process work?
Google Play Store publishing belongs to the Reseller since it’s a simple process. Apple App Store publishing is taken care of by MobiRoller. It takes a day to see your app in the Google Play Store and about a week for the Apple App Store.

What happens if I cancel my reseller subscription?
If for any reason you want to cancel the reseller subscription, and you still need your client apps up and running right, in this situation, you have two options. You can transfer the ownership to MobiRoller, or you can transfer the ownership to your client, and they can contact us and subscribe to one of our premium app packages.

Create an app and make money




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Today people tend to use mobile phones to keep up with the growing technologies and the purpose to have the power of the Internet in their hands. There is a number of technologies taking place all over the world to facilitate the use of Smartphone and the most are based on Android because of its increasing demand. The leading reason behind this demand is the Android application development provides a lot of new and unique applications and people make money by Mobile App Reseller Program.

People are more familiar with the mobile phones applications for their daily activities to have the latest features and functions. To fulfill this demand, Android developers must have to understand the need and requirements of the application.  Android application development provides a very powerful and automatic platform for smartphone users which are the best alternative to use today. Hiring an Android developer who is an expert and experienced can help you bring the platform to new heights.

Android is a platform that comes with a unique set of features like rich development environment with a rich application framework and a virtual machine optimized for mobile phones and an integrated browser which is optimized for graphics. Also, it has some other features like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This type of application development directly affects the increase of the number of Android users.

Mobile App Reseller White Label

Android application development helps the developers to create new and powerful mobile application quickly and easily as per the needs and demands of users. One specialty of the Android application development is that it can run on Mobiroller platforms. Another benefit of using this platform is its charges are affordable to do customization. Along with, this platform also supports Java. This helps to create third-party applications together by integration.

Android application development comes with so many core application inclusions like SMS, E-mail compatibility, Personal Information Management Program, Web browser, Google Map application, Picture viewer, Music Player, Amazon MP3 store and also facility to download third-party applications.

Android application development comes with the four main components that are Activities, Broadcast receiver, services and content provider. Its application architecture helps to create an application that can able to publish its capabilities. This can be done by the Android developers who make it easy to use for all.

As android app development marketing is continuously growing day by day, outsourcing your project related to Android can save you a development cost and time.

Create and sell Apps – That’s How Fast!

As a Distributor, you can create and sell Apps and mobile sites for SMEs.

With a professional White Label, you can decide your own products, prices, and profits

Best Mobile App Reseller Program

As a Distributor, you can create Apps with Mobiroller platform and sell them to your customers under your own brand. We offer you a professional White Label. With the permit system, you will be able to configure the platform exactly as you need it to be effective before your business. The prices and packages are configurable. We have wide knowledge when it comes to creating and selling Apps, and we are more than happy to share this material with you. We will also provide you with sales and marketing materials.

Why Sell Apps?

In recent years, the way we use the internet has changed drastically. More people prefer to use their Smartphones instead of a PC or Laptop. The Apps are playing the central role in this evolution. More than 80% of Smartphone users access information and services through mobile applications.

Small and medium-sized companies have a lot of work to do when it comes to obtaining new customers through their Smartphones. An American study mentions that SMEs have chosen to buy and get their own App to solve this problem.

Advantages Of Mobile App Reseller Program

  • A platform for Apps with your logo and brand
  • Offer your clients Apps with our marketing knowledge but under your name
  • Apps and Web Pages 100% White Label
  • Creating an App is easy and fast – no programming skills are needed
  • Support in sales, marketing, and production
  • Access to sales and marketing materials
  • Your own advisor will support you
  • You will have a Personal Advisor to answer all your questions

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Become A Mobile App Reseller | Attractive Conditions

With favorable purchase prices, you can get a profit margin of 150% or more. A subscription model ensures that you will get more income each month.

  • A professional solution from the market leader
  • Several years of experience working together with industry leaders

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