Aluminum Portable Stage: Perform With Confidence

Aluminum Portable Stage

Portable staging is the perfect solution for any event. Aluminum portable stages are lightweight and easy to set up, but they can support the weight. The durable aluminum construction means it won’t break or rust from exposure to the elements over time, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your stage every few years as you do with wood!

Accessories of Portable Stage

Accessories include a railing and a carpeted 2 or 3 step stair unit to complete the staging setup.

  • Stairs
  • Handrails
  • Mobile stage wheels
  • Ramps
  • Aluminum ladder
  • Carpet


We recommend adding steps for high-quality portable stages set up on surfaces 8″ or higher. Aluminum steps make it easy to reach the platform. They can also hold up to 250lbs per square foot.


Top-quality handrails come in two models – one with a rectangular cross and the other with a square cross. These handrails will remain stable on surfaces up to 250 pounds per square foot, and they are also corrosion-resistant.

Mobile Stage wheels:

It is a good option if you are at an event where you need to quickly remove the stage from the area. Instead of dismantling the stage, you can wheel it out of the way as one mobile unit.


Handicapped ramps provide a handicap-accessible means for equipment or small performers to be wheeled on and off a stage. All handicapped ramps are ADA compliant and come standard with handrails. Equipment ramps do not come with handrails but are not ADA compliant.

Aluminum Ladder: 

This aircraft-grade aluminum portable stage supports an astounding 250lbs. per square foot. 

 Aluminum Portable Stage Sizes

There are five different sizes of portable stages for any performance situation. These portable stages will adjust to a height of only four inches and extend up to 14 feet high. It has a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Following are the two portable, modular platforms:

Cheap Aluminum Portable Stage, Modular Stage 4 X 8 Ft:

Are you looking for a quality, portable stage? The 4-8ft aluminum system is configurable with PVC boards and aluminum frame braces. It also comes with extendable tubes and adjustable feet.

The lining is 28mm thick and protected by a 3-coat finish. The maximum height recommendation is 6.5 meters (2 meters). We would recommend Truss as it can deploy greater distances from the main stage regarding installation. The system is often quick and easy to adjust, with little to no tools needed—it has Aluminum roof systems for temporary indoor or outdoor concerts events.

4×4 Aluminum Portable Modular Stage Platform:

The 4×4 platform can carry 1125kg at one time across all parts of the surface. When designing your company’s new building, it is important to think about the individual furnishings. Generally, the walls need design, typically constructed from a thick aluminum frame and plywood made of birch fir fiber coated with a protective substance that can withstand harsh conditions. You can adjust the height of the stage depending on suggestions and circumstances. It can absorb 750 kg/mi and is strong enough to carry a car despite its weight limit. The first layer is resistant to water splashes and, more importantly, safe from any acid. This layer will remain in the bag’s protective protection.

Convenient Setup

Insert leg into position and twist eye-bolt to make the stage secure. Aluminum portable stages are easy to set up and takedown, with pegs that slot into place.

Aluminum Portables have a 250lbs/ sqft load limit on them. Aluminum is great because it’s strong but lightweight at the same time.

Easy Mobility

Add casters to transform your stage into the perfect cart. Aluminum Portable stages can be separated into smaller sections to fit through standard doorways.

Surface Options

Aluminum surfaces can be finished either in an attractive non skid finish or a variety of colors with the option for carpeting on top.

Available Categories of Portable Stages

Black Quad Ripple Non-Skid Polyvinyl:

Popular among our customers, the black quad ripple surface offers non-skid protection and hides scratches from regular use.

Grey Quad Ripple Non-Skid Polyvinyl:

Same as the black surface above but grey. Perfect for applications where standard black does not work. It is a new color for us and gaining popularity.

Carbon Color Carpet:

The grey/black color combination called carbon is a good quality carpet that maintains its durable appearance even with lighting and does not show dirt easily.


This high-quality staging only comes in 4 x 4 and smaller sizes. We don’t offer this in larger sizes because it is too heavy to move around. Perfect for use with up-lighting.

Tool-Free Assembly:

Before using the staging, lock each stage deck together by sliding a locking key into place.

Weather Resistant:

This stage has a surface that is the same as quad ripple except for the bottom of the stage panel having a smooth polyvinyl layer on the top so it can be double-sided or single. Next, we prime and seal the plywood edges with a primer-sealer and liquid rubber for added protection against the elements. It is resistant to termites, and weather thus making it the perfect stage for outdoor events.

Portable Stage for Sale

An innovative construction design found only in our company’s stages ensures that every piece is incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. The kit comes with platforms, risers, and any additional hardware needed to construct the stage. They’re completely customizable with fixed and adjustable heights, optional guardrails, stage skirting in several color choices, and portable steps for stages of all sizes.

The aluminum stage lasts a lifetime and has adjustable quick lock handles that stay in place. It provides safety & stability to anyone on the stage, which is so important. It’s also water-resistant and durable so that it can survive a lot of use. Our stages also provide you with the flexibility to choose your desired height by easily adjusting height options. Our company also has staging systems and an integrated measurement system for precise adjustments on uneven surfaces.

 Following are the specifications that we are offering in portable stages: 


Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy

Dimensions: 192 inches (1.22 x 1.22 m)

Self-weight: 49 kg for each piece

Volume: 0.2 m3/pcs 

Capacity: 750 kg /m2

Portable Stage for Outdoor Events

The aluminum portable stage hardware is a lightweight and durable stage designed for events such as for schools, concerts, fashion shows, trade shows, and more.

The aluminum stage has an aluminum frame with a plywood deck. The frame is 2″ by 2″ tubing, with the legs 1/2″ by 2″ angle iron. It can be easily assembled and disassembled to meet your needs.

The Portable Aluminum Stage, or PAS, is a versatile stage for performing artists. You can use the stage for any genre of performance, from dance to theater. It can be set up in minutes and is lightweight for easy transport.

The aluminum portable stage system can easily bear the stack when not in use, making it perfect for multi-use venues. The aluminum frame of the decks makes these platforms usable in various locations, including parks and fields outdoors. The larger 2m x 1m stage deck, which weighs only 32kg, is easy for two adults.

The convenience of the easily removable legs is that you can change them out depending on your height. It offers many options during setup. For example, the risers can be stored at a higher level when needed and pulled down to form a set of steps when required.


NexGen Portable Stage has a 10-year warranty against defects in materials and quality. Contact for your portable stage orders from NexGen Portable Stage leading manufacturer and supplier of quality outdoor stage systems on request. The only aim is to provide you with the right product, like premium portable aluminum stages that are durable even in any outdoor setting.

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